Endodontics is the dental branch that treats the root canal (procedure known under the popular phrase of “nerve killing”).

Removing the nerve of a tooth (pulp extirpation) during a root canal treatment, as a result of a complicated tooth decay or for prosthetic purposes, involves a root filling of high accuracy.

In our clinic, these procedures are performed with state of the art materials and equipment.

Endodontics requires special attention and skill from the dentist. The endodontic treatment is the key to success in a prosthetic or odontal restoration therefore, in most of the cases, is extended on several stages.

Endodontics is a dental specialty that treats and cures the diseases of the dental pulp and the supporting ligaments at the top of the root.

What needs to be medically performed during an endodontic treatment is:
– Cleaning the root canals from the organic and inorganic “left-overs”
– Mechanical or rotatory preparing of the root canals
– Tooth filling


Endodontitics services and tariffs

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