Esthetic dentistry

The procedures of dental esthetics are meant to beautify your dentition and to give you a radiant smile.

In order to gain an outstanding smile, showing healthy and natural teeth, iDentity clinic’s specialists may adjust:
– tooth color (regardless the agents that led to undesired shades)
– the position of the teeth (inter-dental spaces, dental crowding)
– tooth dimensions
– gum aspect

These procedures can be performed with the help of modern methods, safe and with spectacular results:
– whitening treatments
– dental facets (porcelain and composite)
– prosthetic porcelain restoration of front teeth (porcelain dental crowns without metal support – maximum esthetics, no blacken of gums regardless the age of the dental prosthesis)
– porcelain dental crowns on zirconium support – extraordinary resistance in time


  Dental Esthetics services and tariffs

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