The tooth decay is a destructive lesion of dental tissue. At the beginning, the cavity can be noticed only by the dentist. When the lesion is noticed by the patient, the cavity is already advanced. Therefore, periodical consultations, at least twice a year, are of high importance. The smaller the lesion is, the easier is the treatment and the tooth sacrifice is more reduced. Moreover, the costs are lower and the treatment duration is shorter.

Three main agents are responsible for producing cavities:
– Diet: It is indicated to reduce mainly the consumption of sweets based on sugar (candies, toffees, cakes). You may eat more fruits and even honey, but it’s important to brush your teeth afterwards.
– Microbial flora: it is well-known that Streptococcus mutans is responsible for the appearance of tooth decay.
– Genetic factors: (the tooth quality and the hereditary predisposition of each person). Tooth decay is an irreversible process, and not treating it properly and in time may lead to the loss of the teeth. Therefore, a dental consultation twice a year is recommended. Treating the cavity in due course means the lack of the pain, minimum tooth sacrifice, no complications and last but not least, minimum costs for you.

The resistance and the esthetics are omnipresent values for our procedures. We are the supporters of modern treatment of tooth decay, based on the principle of minimally invasive procedures, the strict removal of the decayed dentin and the filling of the resulting cavities.

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