Orthodontics is the dental branch that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion, meaning the incorrect positions of teeth and maxillary bones which influence the face shape, the profile harmony, the correct mastication and not less important, the smile.

An orthodontic specialist follows closely children’s teeth development and teeth distribution on the dental arches. Thus, we prevent all the issues connected with tooth decay and we can fix the flaws that may appear in the development of teeth and dental arcades.

The dental consultation is extremely important in order to draw up a proper treatment. Primary teeth extraction can be performed only by the dentist, a lot of discernment being required, because incorrectly performed, tooth alignment can be seriously harmed, damaging the dental esthetics.

The child must learn to brush his teeth at the age of two and the first visit to a dental clinic shouldn’t take place later than the age of two years and a half. At this age, the eruption of primary dentition ends and the child has got 20 teeth.


  Orhodontics services and tariffs

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