Dental implant is actually an artificial root, made of titanium or zirconium, which replaces the natural root of the tooth and its purpose is to create the necessary support for dental crowns or bridges when on the dental arcade there are no teeth or the existing teeth are not qualified for a successful dental procedure.

At iDentity Clinic, the dental implant is a treatment option available for patients with one or more teeth missing. Dental implants are made of titanium and are integrated in the alveolar bone. Over these it may be applied a fixed or a mobile prosthesis.

The great advantage of using a dental implant to replace a missing tooth is that there won’t be any interventions on the neighbouring teeth.

The surgical intervention of applying a dental implant is performed with the helped of a physio-dispenser – computerized micro-engine. There are also used the latest materials and techniques of augmentation.

Titanium is well-tolerate by the human body and is the main material of which are made the implants, being bio-compatible. In the past recent years, it has been utilized another bio-compatible metal, zirconium, with excellent mechanical and esthetic qualities, but much more expensive than titanium.

When applying a dental implant, the quality of the bone is extremely important.

A bone too mushy or too thin cannot be used for applying an implant. Before starting such a procedure, the patient is advised to have some tests in order to identify if the bone structure is appropriate. Such tests are performed with a tomography scanner which analyzes the quality of the maxilla and mandible bones.


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