Surgery tariffs

Surgery tariffs

Surgery tariffs Services Price
Simple extraction temporary teeth, loose periodontal teeth 25€
Simple extraction erupted wisdom tooth 45€
Simple extraction multi-root teeth 45€
Root left-over pieces extraction 35€
Alvelopasty 70€
Extraction included / half-included wisdom tooth 130€
Extraction included canines 120€
Revealing and sustaining included teeth 90€
Regulation of the alveolar ridge 60€
Premolarisation 60€
Odontectomy 90€
Apical resection front teeth and premolars 110€
Apical resection molars 135€
Cystectomy from 125€
Gingivectomy with gingivoplastia / tooth 68€
Simple small tumors, epulides extirpation 45€
Dental abces incision – vestibular 33€
Frenectomy 160€
Decapping 45€
Periocoronitis treatment 25€
Alveolitis treatment 20€
Hyperplasic mucosa excision 25€

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